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Service Times for October & November 2017

Service Times

Services in October & November 2017

 Sunday 1st October - Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity

9:00am     Holy Communion                   Maidford
9:00am     Matins                                  Adstone
10:30am   Harvest Festival                    Blakesley
4:00pm     Harvest Festival                   Litchborough

Tuesday 3rd October

9:30am     Holy Communion                 Woodend
(Book of Common Prayer)

Sunday 8th October - Seventeenth Sunday after Trinity

9:00am     Holy Communion                Farthingstone
10:30am   Holy Communion                Blakesley
10:30am   Family Service                    Litchborough
12:00noon Remembrance Service        Woodend
                for crashed B17 bomber
5:00pm     Harvest Festival                 Maidford

Tuesday 10th October

9:30am    Holy Communion                Blakesley
(Book of Common Prayer)

Sunday 15th October - Eighteenth Sunday after Trinity
9:00am      Matins                               Maidford
9:00am      Holy Communion                Adstone
10:30am    Holy Communion                Litchborough
10:30am   Matins                                Blakesley

Tuesday 17th October

9:30am      Holy Communion                Blakesley
(Common Worship)

Sunday 22nd October - Nineteenth Sunday after Trinity

9:00am       Holy Communion               Maidford
10:30am     Matins                             Litchborough
10:30am     Holy Communion              Blakesley
6:00pm      Evensong                         Farthingstone

Tuesday 24th October

9:30am      Holy Communion              Blakesley
(Common Worship)

Sunday 29th October - All Saints

9:30am      Benefice Communion        Adstone

Tuesday 31st October

9:30am      Holy Communion              Blakesley
(Common Worship)

Sunday 5th November Fourth Sunday before Advent

9:00am     Holy Communion              Maidford
9:00am     Matins                          Adstone
10:30am   Family Service                Blakesley
10:30am   Holy Communion             Litchborough

Tuesday 7th November

9:30am    Holy Communion             Woodend
(Book of Common Prayer)

Saturday 11th November Armistice Day
10:55am  Service by War Memorial   Litchborough

Sunday 12th November Remembrance Sunday

9:00am    Remembrance Service      Maidford
9:00am    Remembrance Service       Adstone
10:15am  Family Service                Litchborough
11:00am  Remembrance Service      Litchborough
10:45am  Remembrance Service      Blakesley
6:00pm    Remembrance Service     Farthingstone

Tuesday 14th November

9:30am    Holy Communion Blakesley
(Book of Common Prayer)

Sunday 19th November Second Sunday before Advent
9:00am    Matins                        Maidford
9:00am    Holy Communion           Adstone
10:30am   Matins                       Blakesley
10:30am   Holy Communion          Litchborough

Tuesday 21st November

9:30am Holy Communion Blakesley
(Common Worship)

Sunday 26th November Christ the King

9:00am    Holy Communion           Maidford
10:30am  Matins                        Litchborough
10:30am  Holy Communion           Blakesley
6:00pm    Evensong                   Farthingstone

Tuesday 28th November

9:30am Holy Communion Blakesley
(Common Worship)