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Welcome to the website of
The Lambfold Benefice

A group of five Anglican rural parishes

in the geographical centre of England

Reverend Carolyn Oley and the leadership team

APRIL 2015

Reverend Carolyn writes.....

I don't know which newspaper you read but even serious broadsheets this week have told the story of Louis the cathedral cat who lives in Wells cathedral. He is accused of pouncing on an unsuspecting spaniel and terrorizing a street near the cathedral precincts. I wondered why this story achieved such a high profile, even given our national love of felines. I decided that when so many are accused of wrong doing, those who say nothing in their own defence, even a dumb animal, somehow strikes a chord.

Most people who are publicly accused make an immediate statement of innocence.

I suppose there would have been a time when someone's word would have been enough to close down any further speculation but as we know, this is very far from the case. Informal judgment is given often before any detailed knowledge of the facts are known.

The church community in all of our villages will be meeting to celebrate Palm Sunday on the last Sunday in March. We shall remember Jesus riding on a colt into Jerusalem, hailed by large crowds as a king. Those same crowds when Jesus was arrested on a charge of blasphemy, turned against him. Jesus had said that he was God's Son so they condemned him to death. He was silent before his accusers. Jesus had taught that we are all infinitely precious in the eyes of God. His healing power had shown God's love by healing the sick and forgiving those who put him to death.

The good news about Jesus is the reason that all of our churches were built and still exist. More importantly Jesus is the reason why all over the world there are Christian people who know what it means to meet the living Jesus and who believe that he holds the key to human life. I urge you not to be silent this Easter but to stand with us to thank God  with all our hearts and minds for opening up the way to life now and into all the time to come.

Love and prayers,



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