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Welcome to the website of
The Lambfold Benefice

A group of five Anglican rural parishes

in the geographical centre of England

Reverend Carolyn Oley and the leadership team


Please note: Reverend Carolyn will be away from 24th - 27th November at a conference for all clergy across the Diocese entitled ‘I will build my Church’.  As a result, there will be no Holy Communion at Blakesley on Tuesday 25th November.

Reverend Carolyn writes....

Temperatures in our part of the world are still high enough to keep us remembering summer, but really we know that summer is long gone. Remembering is a special part of autumn - a time to be thoughtful and look back to people and events. In the church we look back on All Souls Day and All Saints Day to those who have gone before us, those who have left a place that can never be filled. I like the remark of the Queen Mother when someone asked her if she had "got over" her husband's death, several years after he had died. "No", she said "but I have got better at living with it".

In times of rapid change and short term solutions, remembrance is important. In all of our churches this month, we shall have Remembrance services to honour the fallen. These are not just fond or regretful recollections but rather pondering the deeper mystery where past, present and future become bound up together. We bring out of the past and into the present those whom we have loved and lost; those whom we still love, yet see no longer; those to whom we owe a debt, yet cannot pay - or thank enough. Alongside all of this we shall be gathering for Bonfire Night and giving thanks for the security of our country in an uncertain world - not to forget fireworks and fun.

To say thank you is to accept that we cannot provide everything for ourselves, however much we try. Being grateful is to be aware of our gifts and luck - the sheer fragility of our lives. I thank God that He remembers each and every one of us and looks upon us with gratitude for the love we freely give to Him and to each other.

Get in touch with me if you need a confidential word.

Love and Prayers,




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