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Welcome to the website of
The Lambfold Benefice

A group of five Anglican rural parishes

in the geographical centre of England

Reverend Carolyn Oley and the leadership team


The Readers Write........

There have been reports in the press in recent days, about the Church of England proposing that some 2,000 historic, rural, ‘underused’ churches (ie those with congregations of ten or less) might be re-designated as ‘Festival Churches’. That means that they would only be open for Easter, Christmas and perhaps Harvest.

Many, many years ago our churches were built by villagers for villagers and we believe that they should remain open for today’s villagers. At the same time we must admit that, today, fewer villagers seem to want their churches for anything other than ‘Festivals.’

Yet the generosity of those villagers is such that our churches can remain open for the few who do want to worship on a more regular basis.

But there is another looming concern. You may have noticed that the Benefice Readers are getting – how shall we put it – a bit long in the tooth! Bits are beginning to fall off! For the last ten or eleven years we have had a ministry team of three which has been supplemented more recently by an enthusiastic team of lay leaders of family services and Messy Church.

Thus we have been able to have a service of some sort every Sunday in most of our churches. If any more bits fall off the Readers this will have to change!

We have to accept that there will only ever be one Rector for the Benefice, so anyone who feels that they have something to offer to the church might like to consider the Readership. Who knows, like us, you might just find that that it is enjoyable, fun and immensely rewarding!

Yours in Christ,



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